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John Beresch Contracting is one of the Pocono Mountains Finest Siding Contractors

We are a siding contractor that services Stroudsburg, The Poconos and the surrounding areas and offers the very best in quality and siding services.

Few home improvements or repairs, improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your home like new siding. When siding your house, there are many types of siding to choose from including:

* Wood Siding
* Vinyl Siding
* Cement Fiber

Design Your Exterior

Choosing Siding for Your Home

With so many choices in siding, it can be hard to choose which siding would be best for your Poconos home. Try taking a drive or stroll around your neighborhood or into Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg to see a variety of homes to help you better decide which siding styles you like. You will also want to consider the amount of maintenance that each type of siding will require.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is typically the most economical siding option as it requires little maintenance through its lifespan. It is also available in a variety of textures and colors. You will want to choose a siding color you can live with, as it cannot be repainted.

Wood Siding

For an upscale look, you might want to consider wood siding. Available in a wide variety of styles, textures and finishes. Cost varies widely by the type of wood species and style. Painted finishes tend to require higher maintenance than stained finishes.

Cement Fiber Siding

An newer option on the market is Cement fiber siding. It comes the closest to emulating a natural wood grain and is virtually indistinguishable from some wood siding products. Like wood, trim and millwork pieces are also available to provide design detail for the home. It is extremely durable. Not subject to rot or insect damage. It comes either pre-finished or primed.



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